Are you moving ?  Do you have a large home ? A very large home?  Do you have statues, paintings, antique furniture, chandeliers  and other articles that are very fragile and expensive?


If this is the case you can count on Jetivia.

For example, we’ll come to organize a very delicate move:

We will pack in wooden boxes (according to North American Security measures), cartons of all sizes plus loading of the boxes into secure transport vehicles (lift/van) and transfer to the Port Franc of Geneva for customs clearance.

Then, a tractor trailer will deliver a total of more than 200 cubic meters in several trips directly to the runway at Geneva International Airport (AIG) where a cargo plane type MD 11 will be loaded by the staff of AIG.

 Destination?  Los Angeles

There, our agent Ken Hamanaka takes over operations by charging import customs upon arrival of the aircraft and organizes a staggered delivery to give enough time for the movers to receive, unpack and install all personal belongings.