01/2013 : Even in case of fire

In case of fire, you can count on Jetivia to respond.

The Fire Department of Vernier (Geneva suburbs) donated a vehicle and more than a ton of various materials like fireproof jackets, pants, helmets, lamps, generators, etc.. to "Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Paraguay" in Asuncion.

With only inches to spare, the vehicle was loaded into a container in Geneva and then sent to Antwerp by truck to be shipped to Buenos Aires. For the last step of its final destination (Buenos Airesto Asunción) we used a fluvial transportation.

Finally, a team from the Fire Dept of Vernier went there to train their colleagues to use all this new equipment.

We participated in this donation by covering 2/3 of the transportation costs, the final third was covered by the City of Asuncion.

You can find an article on the The Fire Dept of Vernier website about the same project, right here