06/2013 : The Sailing Plane

Your mission, if you accept it :

Sending a military aircraft « Hawker Hunter » from Geneva to Montréal, by ocean !

Mission accepted !

« Journey Freight Transport », our agent in Montréal gave us the delicate task to organise the transport of a legendary military aircraft produced in the sixties, from Geneva to Montréal in containers.

The aircraft, exposed at Geneva airport, was moved to a private parking, to be dismantled by 3 « Top Gun » technicians, arrived from Canada (Lortie Aviation Quebec). The tail, wings, body and other various parts have been carefully separated and loaded in 3 open top containers.

Then, the containers have been loaded on board at Antwerp seaport and … « sail the aircraft »  to a new mission…

Anticipation, preparation, regularity and reliabilty have made this transport a succesfull mission.

We thank our canadian agent for their confidence and partnership.

Outstanding transports ? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.